School Supplies FAQs

“Oh no!  Did I miss purchasing School Supplies last Spring for my child for the 2017-2018 school year?”  Please don’t worry, you haven’t missed it!  The cost for School Supplies for the this school year will be collected in the Fall with the online Back2School Parent Pack.


What materials does this cover for the students?

The goal of the bulk program is that the funds cover almost everything the student needs. Typically this includes: paper, binders, pocket folders, glue, tape, scissors, pencils, rulers, erasers, crayons, supply boxes, protractors, and much more!

What is not included in this program?

For most students, the only addition is a backpack and lunchbox. Some classrooms also opt to use additional resources (such as a scientific calculator or poster board for a special project), that still need to be provided on an individual basis.

When will my child get his/her supplies?

School supplies will be ordered by West Mercer over the summer and will be delivered to your child’s teacher in late August. Because materials are ordered in bulk, there is not an individual box to pick up for your child. All the supplies will be in the classroom ready for your child to use on the first day of school.

Why doesn’t the school just provide the items that students need?

The school does provide a large range of materials. Unfortunately, available funding does not cover all the items that students need. Historically, a shopping list was provided to parents by the school and students were responsible to bring these items with them on the first day of school. The bulk system is thought to be a better way to provide items without excessive time and cost to families.

What if we would rather buy our own school supplies?

The bulk system relies on each family to contribute to make the supplies affordable and to standardize materials. However, if your family would prefer to opt out of this system, please send an email to Lynn Lawrence.

Is there financial assistance available for school supplies?

Yes! West Mercer is prepared to help families with the purchase of school supplies. Please contact, Anna Orton or call 206-236-3438, to request assistance. All requests for funding support will be kept confidential.