Tips and Helpful Information

Stay informed:

  • Sign up to receive the West Mercer Wolf Newsletter.  Contains information that helps new families and incoming kindergarteners stay connected.  The most up to date information on school events, deadlines, first day of school readiness, and extracurricular activities.
  • Sign Up for Emergency Notifications – Information on school outages and other emergencies will be posted to the Public Schools Emergency Communication System by 5:30am by Mercer Island’s Superintendent. Sign up for Mercer Island emergency notifications at FlashAlert.

I Wish Someone Had Told Me….

  • Transportation. You will be contacted by the District Transportation Department regarding your designated bus stop and pick up/drop off schedule. Parents can make alternative arrangements for their children to take the school bus to after school programs located at the JCC or the Boys and Girls Club.  Please contact the district transportation office to make alternative arrangements.  206-236-3335
  • The first day of school is a busy time. Kindergarteners start on Sept. 5 rather than Aug. 30, providing kindergarten parents a chance to conference with the teachers prior to the start of school. Parents are permitted to ride the bus with their children on the first day, but are encouraged to instead meet their child off the bus when they arrive at school. Allow additional walking time from more distant parking locations on the first day. Chaperones will be present to assist your children in finding their classrooms during the first week of school.
  • Snacks. Pack a healthy snack and water bottle for your child to eat during a time designated by his/her teacher in the morning.
  • Lunch.  Your child has the option of bringing lunch from home or purchasing hot lunch.  Set up your child’s lunch account through Skyward as described above.  Your child will receive a debit card that is kept at school. Skyward will send you an email when more money needs to be added to your child’s account. Hot lunch menus are posted on the district website. [note, add link to district elem. lunch menu to the words “hot lunch menus.”]  Each day your child’s teacher will ask each student if he/she brought lunch from home or is buying lunch.  At the designated lunchtime for your child’s class, students line up according to who is buying and who is bringing. The students who are buying sit down to eat immediately, and are joined by the students who are buying once they have gone through the lunch line.  Students sit with their classmates at tables designated for their classroom.  Depending on your child’s comfort level, bringing lunch is recommended for the first few days of school. The process of eating lunch before being released for recess is fairly short.
  • Kindergarten Buddies. When school starts,your Kindergartener will be paired with a 5th grade buddy for the year. The 5th graders take their K-buddies to the buses and car pick up for the first few weeks.  They will also look out for their K-buddies in the lunchroom and at recess by teaching them the lunchtime routine and playground rules. Throughout the year, the 5th graders get together with their K-buddies for various projects and activities, such as buddy reading, math manipulatives, winter graham cracker house making, Valentine crafting, puppet shows, and music.
  • Wednesdays are early release days. Children are released from school at 2:05 p.m. Bus drop-off times are adjusted.
  • Please consult the school calendar and plan any additional childcare needs for your Parent-Teacher Conferences held in November this year.
  • Absences. The school has an absentee hotline that you must call if your child is going to be absent.  206-236-3434