Open Volunteer Positions

Communications Open Positions: Please contact Kristy Sieckhaus at kristysieckhaus@gmail.com or Julie Keeler at jnkeeler@yahoo.com

Chair Needed – Principal’s Coffees
The Chair will order and bring a “Joe-to-go” and a few pastries for the monthly Principal’s Coffees. The Chair will also help advertise the event at school.

Chair Needed – Website
The Chair will update content, calendar and links on the WM PTSA website. The biggest time commitment is needed during late summer to get ready for the online Back-2-School Registration.

Family Involvement Open Positions: Please contact Jen Dine at jdine8@gmail.com or Veronica Bethlen at vbethlen@gmail.com

Co- Chair Needed – Walk to School/ Bike to School
Chairs organize West Mercer’s Walk and Bike to School where families are rewarded with music, breakfast bites, juice, chocolate milk and parents are served coffee. Both events usually coincide with International Walk and Bike days, Walk being in October, Bike in May. These events promote healthy lifestyles and a healthy environment.

Chair Needed – Hoedown
Annual Western-themed event held typically in the winter and features a MC that plays a variety of types of music while students dance. Water & cookies are usually served, and food trucks present. The Chair will coordinate with the MC, advertise the event and make arrangements for the refreshments.

VP of Education Enrichment: (Looking for a Co-VP): Please contact Sally Martin at sally_martin@me.com

Chair Needed – Art Supplies Budget Manager
Chair will organize, manage and order supplies in the PTSA art closet for all PTSA sponsored art projects for all grade levels.

Chairs Needed – Grade Level Art Coordinators for Grades K-4
One Chair is needed for each grade level to coordinate and provide information about each PTSA sponsored, monthly, class art projects.

Chair Needed – Culture Fair
Chair needed to organize, coordinate and promote the annual Culture Fair at WM.

VP of Student Programs: Please contact Joci Besecker at joci.besecker@gmail.com or Sharon Perez at Sharon@mercerislandarts.org.

Chair and Co-Chair Needed – Talent Show
Chairs will work closely with an experienced teacher to help organize and produce the WM Talent show, scheduled for November 4th.

Chair Needed – Fifth Grade Art Project/Gift
Chair will develop, organize and lead the fifth grade art project to be left as a parting gift to WM.

Thank you for all your countless hours of volunteering in the classroom, for clubs and activities, and for all school events like the Kindergarten Social, Island Book Fair, and Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day. A huge shout out to all of you who have really stepped up to serve as a PTA Chair or Executive Committee Members. We have many chair positions to fill each year! In order to run the many enrichment activities, clubs, services and events throughout the year, it takes hundreds of volunteers. Volunteer jobs can be found in 1 or 2 hour increments in many activities and events.

We hope you will make a commitment of at least 4 hours this year to volunteer at one or two events/activities or to work on a committee.


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